The Story.

During his journey to becoming a surgeon, Vijay Stroup encountered a significant obstacle while volunteering at a local hospital. He observed the caregivers struggling with a specific software application, which led to their frustration. Determined to find a solution, Vijay dedicated his time outside of his volunteer shifts to tackle the problem. After much effort, he successfully developed a solution and eagerly shared it with the hospital staff, who were elated with the outcome.

Motivated by this experience, Vijay delved deeper into the healthcare industry, exploring not only direct patient care but also the various mechanisms that support the industry as a whole. During his exploration, he stumbled upon a pressing issue: Physician Burnout. Extensive research revealed that more than 50% of physicians were experiencing burnout, largely due to the excessive administrative work they had to handle alongside their patient care responsibilities.

Realizing the need for change, Vijay embarked on a mission to improve the healthcare system, not just for patients but also for the caregivers themselves. His goal was to alleviate the burden on physicians and promote better patient care by addressing the causes of burnout and providing assistance to those in need.